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  • Mechanic: Homescale-VR

    Mechanic: Homescale-VR

    VIDEO COMING SOON HOMESCALEVR_ [2023] Unity Engine | VR Design | Playspace Tool Part of my masters thesis was exploring the potential that physical spaces could have within VR experiences. At the time of writing, ‘Roomscale VR’ was the most widespread solution available, however I believed that the solution to my thesis needs involved broadening […]

  • Sweeper VR

    Sweeper VR

    SWEEPERVR_ [Uni Y2, 2020] Game Design | System Design | Level Design | Unity Engine | VR Design Sweeper VR is a project that I produced in my second year, to explore options for VR adaptations to existing games. This was the results of four weeks of planning, pitching and development. It has been translated […]

  • Core Bouncer (2022)

    Core Bouncer (2022)

    CORE BOUNCER [2022] Game Design | System Design | Level Design | Unity Engine | 2D Art | UI Design Core Bouncer is a four-paddle rotational game that was based on the classic game ‘Pong’. Initially starting off as ‘palette cleanser’ whilst I was developing Titan Arena in Unreal, Core Bouncer is the polished version […]

  • Titan Arena (2021)

    Titan Arena (2021)

    TITAN ARENA [Uni Y3, 2021] Game Design | System Design | Multiplayer | Level Design | Unreal Engine | 3D Modelling Titan Arena is the culmination of  my time doing a Digital Design degree. It is a multiplayer third person shooter that pits two teams against each other in a no holds bar tug-of-war. Teams […]