End of February Update

With my final(?) year of university ready to start next week, I thought I would write my thoughts down as well as announcing another project that I will be working on in some recently discovered spare time.

I’m pretty amped about this year as it is going to be the culmination of the last three years. It’s been a strange journey and definitely doesn’t feel like it’s taken anywhere near as long as my first time around. Call it what you want, but I feel like I’ve thrown myself into it alot more than when I did over a decade ago. Time will tell, but I’m feeling pretty good going into this year and have started looking at post university options.

My first conclusion is that I should finish and publish MineSweeper VR before the end of this year. It will require me getting my hands on a VR set and preferably not be published on Steam. Occulus store seems like the way to go for now and if any interest happens there, I may consider Steam in the future. It is my dream to have a game up there, so there’s definitely incentive there.

My second conclusion revolves around the size and magnitude of Argyll. The game I want to make is quite big and so I will be aiming to publish an open world demo for submission for my bachelors and as a downloadable demo to gauge interest there too. I will 100% be releasing a full game there with the originally intended gameplay, but obviously time is a bit of a factor in this one.

My final conclusion and announcement is that I will start work on yet another game as a way to keep my burnout down. This will be more along the lines of my previous university submissions and take the form of a free to download Android game. More details will be released over time under the name ‘Project: Killer Ride’

That’s all I have for now.

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