Post 18: Combat Indicators and More

I wanted to lock down the fight sequences by improving how the player fought with the NPC’s. This involved implementing two types of attacks: A Blockable (Normal) attack An UnBlockable (Charged) attack Having multiple types of attack will help to make the fighting a bit more varied and add to the experience. So what to do to implement it.

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Post 15: [Christmas Update] AI; Part 2

This post is going to be a bit of a long one as I have done a fair bit in the way of the of AI without updating my logs. Call it a crazy time of year. The challenges with the timing has left me with many short burst of productivity, which in itself is actually kind of cool to go through as I feel it will help promoting a more scrum style development process, relieving pressure towards the end of the project. Never the less, I will start with the breakdown of what I have done since my last update.

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Post 14: Research into Character Model

I feel that already there are possibilities emerging here that will respect history, but also respect this particular cultures historical identity. Things like clothing colours, tabards, helmets and cloaks are all, from what I can tell at this moment, okay to get a bit of creative licensing on. I also shouldn't forget that the possibility of using English style armour and chain mail shouldn't be ruled out as this wasn't uncommon at the time.

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