Raven Arena

Raven Arena I've been very interested in crypto currency, recently and have accrued a small collection of Bitcoin and other assorted currencies; One of which specialises in NFT blockchain. Known…

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3D Models

3D Models ¬†Over the last couple of years I have dappled in 3D modelling and developed proficiency, particularly in low-poly/PSX style artwork. I'm very happy with my skill base; given…

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New Year Post 2021

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Well, well, well. What a year 2020 was. I thought I'd write this post as I've done a couple of things with the website and felt like posting something that wasn't about Project Unicorn (Argyll). I've been tweaking the website for ease of use and to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. I'm pretty happy with the way that it is at the minute, so this will probably be how it looks for a long time. I've also been proactively attempting to post more on social media - I'm terrible at it, so it's probably going to be patchy until I get into a routine. As the year progresses, I'm aiming to ramp up the amount of work that I can do on PU/A as to aim for a demo release around the November mark of this year. This coincides with my final project hand in for my final year of university. I'm aiming to have a working representation of what this would look like as a full release with full cinematics, voicing, modelling and gameplay. In theory I would only need to develop and implement the narrative / side quests to release a full version. As a final note, I've also added in a Paypal donation button on the footer on the page. This is only incase anyone actually looks at what I'm working on and wants to contribute. Of course anyone who does will be greatly appreciated and mentioned in the release of any game they feel like supporting. But honestly, I'm not expecting anything - it's literally a just incase sort of a deal. If you're still reading this, I greatly appreciate even an interest in what I'm doing. I feel my journey has been interesting so far and will only grow down the line. Cheers! James

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Welcome to the new look Vector…

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To anyone who reads this, thank you. It's been a long, strange life journey in this; the 33rd year of my life and it could be said that the support of those around me are partially responsible for the past and 100% responsible for where I am heading. A couple of years ago, I bit the proverbial bullet and quit my job. At the time, it was the most harrowing experience I had subjected myself to and for the first year; seemed to be not a great one either. However, after working through the initial speed bumps of any brand new start up, Vector Creative was born. With a focus around general marketing and media creation, I spent the next year making websites, logos, social media assets, print assets and anything else that businesses would need in establishing brand identity. More importantly, I was afforded the time and the freedom to gain perspective and this brings us to the present. VECTOR interactive is my creative output. A pure stream of my thoughts, hopes and dreams turned into a medium that has been part of my soul for the last 33 years. I could never say goodbye to Vector Creative as it has been the vessel to allow my creative development. Rather I'd pay tribute, by making sure it winds down in way befitting of such a part of my life. Once again, I look forward showing the world what I can do and maybe creating a capacity for fun and interaction in the process.

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