SWEEPERVR_ [Uni Y2, 2020]

Game Design | System Design | Level Design | Unity Engine | VR Design

Sweeper VR is a project that I produced in my second year, to explore options for VR adaptations to existing games. This was the results of four weeks of planning, pitching and development. It has been translated to the Oculus (Now Meta) Quest 2 and gives a tiny peek into the potential for a ‘Minesweeper’ adaptation. Because of the limited development time, it is not perfect, however I believe the prototype conveys some pretty neat gameplay mechanics and huge potential expanding it into a full release game.

Game Design: Game was designed and pitched to be an ambitious execution of the potential for VR adaptations.

VR Design: Initially designed for the HTC Vive, but adapted for the Oculus (Now Meta) Quest 2.

Level Design: A single 3D level was designed around a 5 x 5 grid. I wanted this to be cozy and bordering on a little claustrophobic, to add tension and emphasis cautious gameplay.