Project Unicorn: Start of blog

This is the start of my most ambitious project yet and will involve more research, conceptualisation, ideation, iteration and just about any other word you can slap an ‘ation’ on the end of.

Of course, it should be said that I will also be working simultanious projects, as any indie developer does, in the form of bring my University projects up to release standard. I’ll write about those in subsequently tagged posts. 

This project is entirely from scratch.

The idea for this project started when I was at a friends house, in Raglan, the weekend after I finished my final assignment for my second year. Whilst there he put my on to his Playstation 4 (not my console of choice) with a copy of ‘Ghosts of Tsushima’. Needless to say, I was hooked by its stunning visuals and blatent disregard for any major progressive thinking towards mechanical content. Ordinarily I’d say this was a run-of-the-mill RPG made by a team stacked with 3D artists and conceptual geniuses. To their credit, I had an absolute blast playing the game and even now I’m still very tempted to purchase a console and a copy of the game. What this shed light on was just how much aesthetic content could play a role in the experience had by a player.

Being a HUGE, read it; MASSIVE, fan of intriquite mechanics; this made me think about narrative games in a larger light. Obviously this isn’t the first RPG I’ve ever played, but as far as the first RPG I’d played in a long time; this was it and I was LOVING it.

Fast forward a week and the annoucement of EA Play’s integration with Xbox Game Pass meant me instantly downloading Jedi Knight: Fallen Order and to this point I am hooked into its narrative and visuals.

All this being said, I will be starting Project: Unicorn. A thirdperson RPG with a focus on environmental aesthetics and narrative. It will be set in Feudal Scotland in the times of English occupation and focus around the story of a male protagonist whos family has been slain at the hands of the occupiers. 

The player will travel around the Scottish plains and highlands, advancing the narrative by way of a main storyline and side quests.

I want to incorporate animals of Scottish myth and legends. The likes of unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster. This would be on a Greek scale in that the monsters would be supernatural in size and makeup.

I will be aiming to incorporate historical Scottish figures of legends such as William Wallace as well as vilifying the likes of King Edward and the Earl of Surrey.

This will be loosely based around history (obviously with the incorporating of mythological figures). This means any real-life figures are open to be targets.

This is all I have for now, but my next posts will be research into all narrative elements that I want in the game, as well as possibilities for expansion.