Post 8: Atmosphere; Part 3

This week was polishing off the final parts, for now, of the atmospheric stuff.

Mostly it revolved around polishing a few things and fixing some elements that weren’t quite up to my liking. These included fixing the fog settings so that the lower ground had a visibility range of more than 30cm.

The other fix was to do with the lighting on the ground and exempting it from automatic lighting effects. This was implemented for better night time visibility and general play experience.

The wind system was consolidated even more and the direction can now be dictated specifically. Finally, the grass now moves in a SEMI wave movement. I found the plugin included with the grass to be too intense and left the bigger bushes waving around quite violently. They now receive a value that equates to 1/4 of that of the grass.

Finally I implented and consolodated the variable inputs of the included grass squashing mechanics. These will require a revisit as I believe that the player cylinder collider is somehow being offset slightly to the right. 

For now, I’m going to move on to AI, as the current environment has turned out far better than I thought that it would.