Post 5: A wee bit of landscaping; Part 2

Still on the landscaping wave, I decided to implement procedurally generating grass that would change depending on the layers that I implemented in the last section. 

In a nutshell; I used a couple of Landscape Grass types that would contain low and medium sized bush meshes. The existing grass parts would produce smaller tufts of grass, whilst the brown edges between the grass and the mountain textures contained some medium sized bushes.

This allows me to not only create an aesthetically pleasing and quasi realistic looking environment, but allow me to do it in a quick and generated way. This use of small and medium sized foliage will allow me to guide the player around the terrain, without making it seemed forced. I will ‘shape’ the paths that they move down – if you will.

The pack I used also contains wind movements and so when the distance is maxed, this looks stunning.

Finally I created a layer that would remove all foliage. There are a couple of benefits to this;

  • It allows me to create ‘tracks’, further guiding the player in a non-invasive manner.
  • It presents a fix to a problem with the auto-generation of grass where some of the mountains contained random tuffets. I can now just remove these.

Overall, this has added great aesthetic and practical value and will come in handy when I seriously start sculpting the land.