Post 5: A wee bit of landscaping

My previous university project was based inside of a temple, so naturally I never really needed to play with sculpting in Unreal Engine. After an hour of muddling around, I had something of substance. I did add a few things in order to enhance aesthetics.

  • Vertical texture layering; Basically this allows me to use one material brush to paint a landscape and the textures being displayed will be dictated by the verticle positioning of each face in relation to each other. This allows me to create mountains, fields, beaches … etc and they will automatically be textured accordingly. (See video and screen shots.)
  • Distance Scaling; this scales the textures on the map up and down according to the distance of the player to them. Closer textures are bigger and further away textures are smaller. This was great for the closer up, but became quite obvious for the further away landscape.
  • Distance tinting; this fixed the problem of repeating textures by adding tinting to random areas. This helps by creating visual variance.

All of the textures that were used can be found in the starter pack; included with Unreal and all the tinting can be changed to whatever color I want, which allows for some pretty interesting color palettes.

There’s still some janky bits to iron out like the jagged random spots of grass on the mountain, but I believe they should be able to be smoothed out and once I put the grass on, the texturing should be a little less noticeable. Nothing to stress about.

All being said, I don’t think I did too badly for a quick refresher…