Post 14: Research into Character Model

Due to a bit of a self inflicted injury ( *cough* christmas party * cough* ) I haven’t really got the energy to figure out some of the issues that I’ve been having with the hit detection in the combat system; I decided to work on researching some details around aesthetics as this will determine how the player sees the character and will give me the chance to show narrative progression by introducing new items (swords, hats, cloaks etc). However, I want to make sure that I get it right as I believe that any cultural inspiration needs to be handled with due diligance and care.

I started with what I thought was the obvious starting point. Kilts.

After a ton of research into kilts themselves, I found a great deal of information on ‘non-clan’ specific quilts that were able to be used by people without any conclusive proof of links to a specific clan. I was all rearing to go, until I came across this article, entitled “Braveheart: How Not to Dress Like a Medieval Scotsman”.

In the article, the user by the name of “Aelarsen” points out that one of the many issues with Braveheart was the ignoring of historical clothing trends. In this case, clan tartan wasn’t actually created until the 18th century and even taking this into consideration, Low-Landers (Non Highland Scotsmen) never actually wore tartans at all.

So alas, I will not be incorporating Kilts in the traditionally know sense at all. So then, where does this leave me on the clothing front.

So then what are my options when it comes to medieval clothing? Pictures below:


Under Tunic



Looking at a few murals based on the Battle of Falkirk seems to back this up and sheds a bit more light on clothing of the 1300’s.

I feel that already there are possibilities emerging here that will respect history, but also respect this particular cultures historical identity. Things like clothing colours, tabards, helmets and cloaks are all, from what I can tell at this moment, okay to get a bit of creative licensing on.

I also shouldn’t forget that the possibility of using English style armour and chain mail shouldn’t be ruled out as this wasn’t uncommon at the time.