Post 1: Project Kill Ride

So as I started thinking about making this game I wondered if I was perhaps spreading myself too thin by starting a new project this close to University. I toiled with the idea of burnout prevention with a battle between playing games and not being behind a screen. I came to the conclusion that my way of battling burnout is to start a new project as to proverbally spring clean my mind and double back around to my existing projects when inspiration strikes.

This is the way I want to try.

That being said, my new project is a going to be a based around vehicle slaughter and potentially a call back to the old Carmageddon days.

I won’t be posting terribly much about it as it’s a smaller concept and will (hopefully) take a smaller amount of time to develop. I’d compare it to the amount of time spent making a university project. The idea will be a limited release in the form of a playable single level, with room for expansion.

I also think it’s a bit of a winner and so I would be fairly gutted if someone bet me to the punch.

That’s all for now. I will update at milestones.