End of Semester 1 Update

I posted back in January about starting the final year of my degree and where I would then be going. After my final first Semester, not a lot has changed in the general outlook. However, what I will be presenting at the end of the degree has and that information will be posted for viewing by the lecturers concerned, with the option for public consumption being left up to me.

I though I’d post an update on the projects that I’m currently active on.

Minesweeper VR; This one is still very much on the cards. Eventually I will get around to ordering an Occulus Rift 2, porting the game and releasing it to the Occulus VR store. My intentions still remain the same, however with the other projects on the horizon, this is still on the back burner.

Argyll; This was originally intended as a release for my final university project (capstone), however I ended up deciding on trying to accomplish something a bit more adventurous on the Game Design front and have landed on Titan Arena. I will still be working on Argyll at a later date, however for now it will remain on the back burner.

Titan Arena; This is the current project that I’m working on and should have something pretty substantial by October of this year. I won’t release much more info on this one, however I think it’s going to be pretty neat.

Portfolio; I will be polishing up 5 games that I have archived over the past 2.5 years and releasing all of these smaller games and demos for public consumption. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Ocean Heros (A rail shooter tribute to the PS1 / N64 era of games)
  • Project Kill Ride (A top down car shooter tribute to Death Race and the games the movie was created from).
  • Hot Dog Cowboy (A food themed infinite runner that I made in my first year).
  • Auto-Knight; An auto dungeon crawler where the player sets the obstacles for the AI knight.
  • Pac to the Future; A different spin on Pac Man.

I am sitting on a few others which I may have the time to polish up, however time constraints dictate that I not get too ambitious. I will also throw together a show reel of everything, with options for individual trailers in the mix.

The idea behind these games are that they are smaller prototyped demo sorts that I can post on somewhere like www.itch.io and gain feedback on what people like and dislike.

This all subject to change, depending on how progress on TA eventuates, however for now I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve set myself.

I’m also still playing around with the website, which will evolve when I create more content to fill it out.

Needless to say, I have a busy time ahead of me.

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