Project notes and announcements about Project: Unicorn

Post 25: Post Weekend Update

This weekend will mark the second to last weekend before I'm back at uni and so the amount of time that I have to get this to the point I wanted is winding down. At this point I doubt that I'll make it to where I wanted (fully implemented other than context), however I don't believe this matters as I feel like I'm pretty close. The trello board that I have is filling up, however I'm finding that my compentency with coding graphs is also growing and judging by the way I've been able to fix problems on the fly- without really trying, I'm pretty happy so far. I started off this weekend by finishing the UI elements off.

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Post 24: Post-Weekend Update

I managed to get a pretty big session in on the weekend and sorted out some key features that I feel are a key part of an RPG. What I am finding so far is that the more and more I think about what elements are in an RPG the more and more I am finding added to the list - so much infact that it's hard to keep track of. My solution to this was to head over to Trello and create a bugs list that will help me keep track of what I've glossed over and act as a directory when I finish implementing all the features I want to working order.

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Post 23: Animation and Dolly Camera

After a wee break I decided to get back into it by changing up and animation and setting up the camera as to not be so jarring. I did this be setting up lerping between the current distance from the player that the camera has and the point that we would want it to be (in this case closer). Not very complex stuff and a good way to get me back into a working rhythm. My current job doesn't leave me much time to sink into this project, but I have a couple of days coming up, so hopefully I can utilise these and implement more features. Below is the results of this little implement. I think it looks really good!

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Post 20: Rootmotion Implementation

I mentioned previously that I thought I may change out the animation system for the characters as I felt the ‘Add Force’ function with the attacks to be a rather crude way to implement attack movement. So I changed it. I really wished that I had started off with root motion implemented and now that I have a grasp on how to implement it, I will be rolling out all future projects this way. Adding a Root bone in maya Replacing all my skeletons and references Replacing all my animations Unfortunately, there’s not too much to write about as this is fairly straight forward. Below is a screenshot of the extra bone that I added to the existing Mixamo rig that I had previously been using.

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Post 19: Horsing around!

Time to give Bob a companion of the equine variety. Horses definitely fit into the whole feudal scheme of things. I started off by finding a free horse asset with a skeleton and placing it into the world. There was quite a bit that I did to make this good and I’m still missing some animations to finish it off, but I can get on those later. Functions implemented were: Prompt to mount Mounting character on top of the horse Dismounting off the horse Horse movement with walk, trot and sprint. Horse IK – making the hooves touch the ground Horse lead when turning Camera adjustment when player mounts horse. Character IK – making feet touch the ground and placing feet on stirrups when mounted. Prompt to Mount Firstly I needed a way for ther

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Post 18: Combat Indicators and More

I wanted to lock down the fight sequences by improving how the player fought with the NPC’s. This involved implementing two types of attacks: A Blockable (Normal) attack An UnBlockable (Charged) attack Having multiple types of attack will help to make the fighting a bit more varied and add to the experience. So what to do to implement it.

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