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  • Sweeper VR

    Sweeper VR

    SWEEPERVR_ [Uni Y2, 2020] Game Design | System Design | Level Design | Unity Engine | VR Design Sweeper VR is a project that I produced in my second year, to explore options for VR adaptations to existing games. This was the results of four weeks of planning, pitching and development. It has been translated…

  • Core Bouncer (2022)

    Core Bouncer (2022)

    CORE BOUNCER [2022] Game Design | System Design | Level Design | Unity Engine | 2D Art | UI Design Core Bouncer is a four-paddle rotational game that was based on the classic game ‘Pong’. Initially starting off as ‘palette cleanser’ whilst I was developing Titan Arena in Unreal, Core Bouncer is the polished version…

  • Titan Arena (2021)

    Titan Arena (2021)

    TITAN ARENA [Uni Y3, 2021] Game Design | System Design | Multiplayer | Level Design | Unreal Engine | 3D Modelling Titan Arena is the culmination of  my time doing a Digital Design degree. It is a multiplayer third person shooter that pits two teams against each other in a no holds bar tug-of-war. Teams…